Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My New Life

I ended studied on 23 May 2013 and I have to waited for my family to pick me up about one week.. During that time my friend Nurul Emillia and her sister is with me at our lovely cutest apartment which called by the students as "Niyang Rapik".. We had so much fun together where we hanging out sometimes and also playing around sometimes, dating and leaves each other sometimes when I ended met my boyfriend and she met her boyfriend where that use to be for friends right? although we be called BFF a.k.a Besties Friends Forever but we also have our own life right.. To be honest this my first time in 4 years at my college I have a good friends that we can share each other, argue each other, fighting with each other, give anger towards each other, cried with each other, while I'm cooking she done the dishes, sulking and have bad mood towards each other, honesty with each other where i thought would be difficult for a FRIEND.. I know the feelings of we can trust our friend more than our own family.. BUT family is so important for a person.. it manage to happen that my family didn't know me 100% where get around 40% like my friend know me 70%.. so kinda complicated but i love my life even though sometimes it feels lonely, bored, tragic, disaster, annoying, silly, idiot, stupid, embarrass, not matured enough in speech, and that show i need some improvement in building up my behavior and attitude. However, I still love my life and myself.
I have improved my self nowadays where I just got a work and it is actually driving my crazy where i didn't like to work right now but after a few weeks i think this work will give me an experience at least I must 'suffered' about 3 months for this work.. kinda bored sometimes but when you have a work it is so WORKLOAD for you. Until you didn't know that time had just pass..

my first day on work.. empty place be given.

my second day at work. 

my third Day.. a little bit clumsy.. hehe

my week two at work.. excited when the PC is here.. huhu

this is the WORKLOAD that I've mention before. My table full with paper paper paper paper paper..

A good friend of mine said that wonderful to have a work in a short period without being be interview and what so ever.. I miss you GILER!!!

My very own besties Emillia, Hazlina.. thanx to Yazid a.k.a my boyfie for taking our photos.. miss you all and also miss our old time together..

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