Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New Me New Year New Person but never with the New Situation

This is the new me.. taken one day before new year.. i thought new year will start my way in designing my career life will be going smoothly as I expected but at the end it ended quite a like I expected.. Not much just like as the same as the old times.. Childish actions and decision that I make to get away from a mad and childish people at my work place.. I love my job and my work but I don't like the surrounding that will never be change with the same attitude that are be showing such as hypocrite everywhere with every people, laziness and always complaining.. It is a little rough for me to make the decision but as long as I am not with the group of people I will comfortable.. I am not choosy in my work but I hate to get bully again and that's why if I could run from this kind of situation I will run.. I had enough with this kind of situation and I am really fed up if I had to get through it again and again and again.. I just HATE IT SO MUCH.. How could my life will have to get through this kind of disaster again.. Just keep that smile act like there is no worries around me.. I am not good enough to go through my friend is killing behind my back.. so Frustrated!!!